You can call me Carol or Carolraven. I'm an artist, singer, rper, writter and cosplayer addicted to Durarara, Kagerou Days/Kagepro/Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors, Dmmd/Dramatical Murder and other stuffs. Nice to meet ya.


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Aoba Seragaki - DMMD

Mary Kozakura - Kagepro

Sakura Kinomoto - CCS

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Always skillfully manipulate your chess pieces, and survive.



Sometimes I just wish I was dead

Not that I’m an ungrateful piece of shit or a coward, but life just came to a point I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been taking lot of meds in the hope of one day I’ll have an overdose and die.

It all due to the fact my parents keep me locked in my own house, stole my money and credit card, my room’s key and come from half an hour to half an hour to yell at me and remind me I’m the reason they are unhappy, that I’m a waste of money and space, that I’m good for nothing, that I’m ungrateful, spoiled and fat, that I’ll die alone, that I’m lonely in the world… And many other things.

My brother tries to humiliate me everyday and my parents do the job pretty well. I’ve been drinking 4 cans of beer everyday or else I can’t sleep and I take around 5 sleeping pills. Everyday I increase the dosage hoping that this time it’ll kill me. I’ve been cutting my wrist and my ankle. I just want it all to end. I just want to disappear… Sometimes I just think about whoring myself off for money and running away from home. Get enough money to move back to the capital and plead to my aunt to take me back to her house. She humiliated me, but at least she gave me freedom and I could always find a job in there. At this island there’s nothing for me but a shitty weather that fucks my throat and nose. I can’t take it!!!

I’m so tired of your lies…
I’m tired of building up walls

I’m tired of feeling alone or just used.

…alguém tá usando o meu computador e começa a digitar uma URL no navegador.





Day 1082 - 18  November 2013

with a dash of positivity



Never again.


depression blog



until you die.