You can call me Carol or Carolraven. I'm an artist, singer, rper, writter and cosplayer addicted to Durarara, Kagerou Days/Kagepro/Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors, Dmmd/Dramatical Murder and other stuffs. Nice to meet ya.
"Why is there a sign post there?"

For my Friend Tsu-chan!!!

Art by: carolraven

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One More Valentine from carolraven on 8tracks Radio.


One More Valentine - A mix based on my fan fic on
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Chibi Brazil Diaries will be back and the continuation of it is confirmed.

After I catch up with Hetalia and get my surgery I’ll start drawing my fan comic in strips - Chibi Brazil Diaries. Soon it will be upgraded to Teen Brazil Adventures and later it will become Hetajiru ( I know the name is pretty much a copy from Hetalia, but it’s a fan story based on Hetalia. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Simple. I’m not copying Hetalia, but making a fan story based on it. Get over it).

The decision came after I worked on my last piece of art which I posted here and on my fanpage on facebook (If you wanna follow go at Carolraven on fb. There will be a bunch of cosplay and I’m starting to submit some art in there too) and I’ll will post it on dA as well in a couple of minutes.

For the ones who missed me, thank you for waiting me come back. For the ones who didn’t… Well, it was fun I guess. Heh.

So… Yeah, I’m pretty much back and will keep working on some fan fics as well. You can find them at carolravenbr at fanfiction,net.

Now I gotta go. See ya guys!!

Love for everybody! <3

Gift for iredawn

Art by carolraven

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My niece found a “Living Squishable Corgi.”


Boo fell asleep during a late night study session.  Aren’t corgis majestic creatures…


Help, call 911!!





DRAMAtical Murder Route Locations: Koujaku

OOC: Shower time



I know, I would never marry someone as annoying as Shizu-chan.

Actually who would~?

That’s why you’ll always be lonely.

"….." That was it. It reached to that point where words would be of no use anymore. The only thing he had to resource now was violence. "IIIIIIZAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"



Said my ex-husband, the one who chose to marry me two years ago.